Al Fakher Grape

Shape: BOX
Technics: Frosted
Material: Fresh fruits, PG, VG, Flavour
Weight: 500g, 1 KG
Shipping Ways: AIR
Function: Fancy Healthy Smoking
Application: Shisha hookah fruit for vaping.
Feature: Safe and secure, spectacular taste and flavor of fresh fruit with patented technology, Healthier.
Package: Plastic box &OEM



 A touch aloof at first, the taste builds up and settles on your tongue and palette as you start smoking. The mild flavor of dark grape dominates as you exhale but is counterbalanced with spicy undertones which slowly sits in your mouth and leaves a lingering woody after taste. Al Fakher Golden grape offers a distinguished flavor unfound anywhere else. The Golden Seal Al-Fakher Flavored Tobacco Brand is considered to be exclusive Brand of the Al-Fakher line, as the quality of the smoke provides for the smoothest, and most desired smoking experience available on the market.


500g Tub: Packed in a re-sealable laminated aluminum pouch. Packaged similarly to the 250g packs and 1 kilo tubs, the pouch is packed in a resealable plastic tub with a safety seal under the lid.
1 Kilo Tub: Just a larger version of the 500g tub. The tobacco is in a laminated and resealable foil pouch in a plastic tub with a safety seal under the lid. The handle on these tubs is useful as these are quite large.